Most of my publications are open access and you can click on the link connected to the title to read the full article. The list is organized by journal articles followed by books/book chapters. A third category is knowledge mobilization, which includes non-peer reviewed essays, think pieces, blog posts, and other audio/visual outputs.

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Journal articles
Books and book chapters
Knowledge mobilization

Journal articles (peer reviewed)

The politics of the great brain race: Public policy and international student recruitment in Australia, Canada, England and the USA (with Creso Sá). Higher Education, published online March 2017.

The policy challenges of creating a world-class university outside the global ‘core’European Journal of Higher Education 7 (4), pp.424-39, 2017.

Engaging with tradition? How history shapes engagement with local communities in universities in England and Ontario, Canada. Comparative and International Education, 45(3), Article 8, 2016

Challenges in contemporary higher education in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education, 19(2), pp.49-55, 2015.

Understanding universities’ responsibilities to their wider communities. Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education, 16(4), pp.123-128, 2012.

Books and book chapters (peer reviewed)

Emerging global players? Building international legitimacy in universities in Estonia and Kazakhstan (with Merli Tamtik). In Chankseliani, M. & Silova, I. (Eds.), Post-Socialist Transformations: Purposes, Policies, and Practices in Education. Oxford: Symposium Books, 2018.

Scientific nationalism in a globalizing world (with Creso Sá). In Cantwell, B., Coates, H. & King, R. (Eds.), Handbook on the Politics of Higher Education. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, 2018.

Managing your career in higher education administration (with Michelle Gander and Heather Moyes). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. 

Knowledge mobilization

On Central Asia

Fake dissertation scandal taints politicians, academics. University World News, April 2018.

Shaping the idea of the world-class university from outside the global “core”. Europe of Knowledge, February 2018.

Transformations in higher education in Eurasia. Webinar, Eurasia Special Interest Group of the Comparative & International Education Society, January 2018. Invited panellist. Watch a recording (my presentation starts at minute 30).

Who are Tajikistan’s international students? Higher Education in Russia and Beyond, June 2017.

The darker side of international recruitment. University World News, March 2017.

Gender gaps in higher education across Central Asia. Invited commentary for University World News, July 2016.

The dominance of social sciences in English-medium instruction universities in Central Asia. Higher Education in Russia and Beyond, 3(5), pp.13-15, September 2015.

From wandering scholars to strategic partnerships: the experience of British universities in Central Asia. Perspectives on Central Asia, 4, pp.11-15, 2014. This blog! Recommended by The Guardian as a top social media account for academics (2016). Active since 2011.

On the UK, Canada, and other settings

The importance of the youth vote in the UK: Keeping higher education on the political agenda [despite Brexit] (with Andrew Gunn). Canadian and International Higher Education blog, October 2017.

When politics gets unpredictable: What happens now for higher education in the UK? Invited think piece for Canadian and International Higher Education blog, April 2017.

Populism and the academy: On the wrong side of history? Worldviews Lecture 2017, University of Toronto, Canada, April 2017. Invited panellist. Watch a recording of the lecture and panel discussion and read a write-up of the event on University World News.

Canadian universities get political (with Grace Karram Stephenson). Canadian and International Higher Education blog, March 2017.

How Brexit matters to higher education beyond Europe. University World News, July 2016.

What to expect from the British white paper on higher education. Invited essay for Canadian and International Higher Education blog, May 2016.

Public policy and the attraction of international students (with Creso Sá). Report for Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, March 2016.