Some of my favourite websites and blogs on Central Asia (mainly) and higher education (less so) feature below. Suggestions for more links are very welcome; please leave a comment below.

Most of these sites are English language, unless otherwise noted.

Central Asia news

EurasiaNet – One of the best sites I know for news about Central Asia. In English and Russian.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty – Good news site – check the Central Asia section. Operates in English and local languages.

Asia-Plus – Tajik news agency, about as independent as it gets in Tajikistan. In Russian, Tajik and English.

TajInfo – independent news on Tajikistan. In Russian.

Независимое Мнение – Tajik news. In Russian. – Kyrgyz news agency with good, reliable news from Kyrgyzstan and on Central Asia/former Soviet Union. In Russian and English, though the English version is less good.

The Diplomat – Has really ramped up its Central Asia content since 2015 and offers some good analytical reporting by local and US based journalists.

CaspioNet – website of a Kazakh satellite TV channel which often has good business and politics news. In Kazakh, Russian and English. – Good, if slightly American-centric, view of Central Asia.

Tajikistan Research Resources – a very useful site for anyone researching Tajikistan. Had not been updated since 2013.

Tajikistan Monitor – On the ground news and analysis from Tajikistan. Has not been updated since 2014.

Higher education

University World News – a genuinely global collection of news and articles on higher education around the world

Guardian Higher Education – UK newspaper which has been developing its online higher education content. Mainly UK-focussed, well informed and often holds online discussions.

The Thesis Whisperer – if you’re a PhD student or thinking about becoming one, you MUST slavishly read this amazing blog.

Registrarism – really nice blog by the Registrar of the University of Nottingham in the UK on higher education. Now part of WonkHE. Quite often covers international  affairs, which is in keeping with Nottingham’s very global outlook.

Cap and Gown – personal blog of Dr Tamson Pietsch who studies higher education from a historical perspective – 0r, as she puts it, ‘the original knowledge economy’

Nazabayev University Writers’ Guild – featured on this blog, this is a great space to learn about what students at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan are thinking about.

Dr Education – US-based blog on international higher education run by Indian/American higher ed expert Dr Rahul Choudaha. Offers some interesting perspectives on internationalisation in higher education, particularly from an Asian perspective.

Other websites and blogs I like

Sapiens – Anthropology and everything human. Brilliant website collecting together smart stories for a general audience.

Afternoon Map – if you love history and you love maps, well, say no more…

Women Are Boring – which couldn’t be further from the truth, unless you don’t like fascinating research by interesting women.

Amanda on Monday – Well written, frequently funny take on life as an international student in Tajikistan in 2011/12.

Kazakh Nomad – Fascinating blog by an expat who spent a long time in Kazakhstan. Now focuses on human trafficking and still well worth reading.

Nothing Ventured – A Kiva (a fantastic microfinance organisation) Fellow spent eight months in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine in 2011/12.

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