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The Bologna Process in Central Asia

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Why do policymakers outside the European Union decide to implement the Bologna Process? How are these reforms received by faculty members? This post looks at these questions from a Central Asian angle.

Call for papers – “Global Bolognaization”: Central Asian Encounters with the European Higher Education Area

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Are you a Central Asia based academic or practitioner with direct experience of the Bologna Process/European Higher Education Area? If so, we want to hear from you! I am co-Chair of a proposal for a roundtable at the European Consortium of Political Researchers (ECPR) General Conference, which will be held in August 2018 in Hamburg, […]

Conceptualizing major change in higher education

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In my research on former Soviet higher education systems, the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 continues to feature prominently as a starting point for some of the subsequent shifts that have occurred in higher education (and in society at large). More recent changes such as the introduction of principles of the European Union’s […]

Internationalizing Kyrgyzstan’s higher education: Double degrees and digitalization lie ahead

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What are the challenges and opportunities for the internationalization of higher education in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia?

Kyrgyz-Russian educational relations

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Ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forthcoming state visit to Kyrgyzstan¬†[en], a flurry of announcements and events are celebrating and seeking to extend Kyrgyz-Russian educational relations.