Podcast: Internationalization in post-conflict societies – Iraq and Tajikistan

Following the recent publication of our open access article on faculty experiences of higher education internationalization in post-conflict Iraq and Tajikistan, my co-author Dr Hayfa Jafar and I were invited by the team at Thesis podcast to discuss our findings in audio form.

Dropping today, our episode can be found at https://anchor.fm/thesis-podcast along with links to different listening sites.

You can also follow the Thesis team on LinkedIn and on Twitter

Not only have they found a neat name for a podcast (Thesis stands for Trends in Higher Education Systems in International Spaces), but this is a student-run initiative by Master’s students and graduates of the MPhil in Higher Education at Norway’s University of Oslo.

Congratulations to the team and thank you for the invitation to share our work. Happy listening!

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