The challenges of higher education in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

Here’s a link to a very interesting recent story from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty by the excellent Bermet Talant. In this piece, Talant interviews a university student in Tajikistan and an instructor at a private university in Uzbekistan about the higher education landscape as seen from their perspectives.

You can read the key takeaways or listen to the full 30 minute interview here.

And look out for a new series of Central Asia Live!, hosted by Talant, which will be broadcasting live on Thursdays again starting later in September. Central Asia Live! focusses on social changes and issues affecting daily life in Central Asia. It’s on at 9am in Washington DC, 3pm in Prague, 6 pm in Tashkent/Dushanbe/Ashgabat and 7pm in Bishkek/Almaty/Nursultan.

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