Wrapping up 2020

Well. It’s been quite the year. It’s hard to know where or how to start what would typically be my annual recap post. There’s both too much and not enough to say, whether it’s on higher education in Central Asia, on the injustices and inequalities that have been brought to the forefront by Covid, on Covid itself, or on all the other things that have been going on.

Keeping to the blog’s main focus, I’ll instead suggest you do three things:

  1. Read the recent interview that Tajikistan based researcher Vasila Bozichaeva and I gave on education in Central Asia to US publication The Diplomat.
  2. Listen to a podcast I did with Olesya Dovgalyuk from the China based SCOLAR Network on higher education in Central Asia.
  3. Watch my seminar on surviving a crisis in higher education for Oxford University/UCL’s Centre for Global Higher Education. It’s based on my recently completed PhD thesis.

I don’t want to be over optimistic for the year ahead, but I can’t help but hope for things to be better. Through my professional work and research, I am trying to make my own small contribution to shaping the future of higher education with a more equitable world in mind. And striving is what we can all do, to the best of our abilities and capacities.

I’ll wrap it up there. Happy holidays, whether it’s a belated end to Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Year. Warmest wishes to you all and I’ll be back in 2021.

Holiday greetings from my cats Maple and Simba. Soli nav muborak is transliterated from the Tajik for Happy new year.
Design (c) Max Sabzaliev, my very talented son

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