The next phase

Welcome to my newly refreshed website, complete with a new background image of the beautiful Badakhshan mountains. I took the photo on a helicopter ride from Dushanbe to Khorog in Tajikistan during my PhD fieldwork in 2017.

The site now also features a new Watch/Listen page with video and audio recordings of talks and events I’ve participated in.

The update also reflects the next phase of my professional journey after recently completing my PhD at the University of Toronto.

I’m very pleased to share that as of October 2020, I have joined UNESCO’s International Institute for Higher Education as a Policy Analyst, and York University as a Research Associate.

These are extremely exciting roles that will allow me to continue my work in global and comparative higher education studies from both a policy and a research perspective.

2020 has been a bizarre and often very dark year, and I am very thankful for these glimmers of light. Onwards and upwards, friends.

3 thoughts on “The next phase

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