Views of Bishkek / Вузы Бишкека

This summer I spent nearly a month in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, both on holiday and also doing some research on university administration and management in Central Asian universities. More on the latter in a future post but in the meantime, today’s post is a “postcard” from me highlighting just a handful of Bishkek’s many higher education institutions.

For fact-lovers out there: Kyrgyzstan has a total of 52 recognised universities, 31 state and 21 privately run, of which 30 are in the capital city. In 2011, there were 230,000 students. Not bad going for a country with a population of coming up to six million – comparable in size to Denmark (8 universities), Finland (14 universities) and Scotland (19 higher education institutions)…

A snapshot of some universities in Bishkek
A snapshot of some universities in Bishkek. Top row (L-R): Kyrgyz Economic University, Kyrgyz National University, a noticeboard with course descriptions offered by the Kyrgyz International University (underneath International University), a student completing registration at the Agrarian University. Middle row (L-R): the partially tree-hidden Ministry of Education and Science, view of the top of Kyrgyz International University, University of Central Asia’s central administration office, Russian-Kyrgyz Slavonic University. Bottom row (L-R): Handwritten timetable of classes at Russian-Kyrgyz Slavonic University, Kyrgyz National University, American University of Central Asia (underneath National University), students outside American University of Central Asia during Orientation Week.

(The title is an attempt at a multi-lingual play on words: “Вузы Бишкека” translates as “Bishkek universities” but the word for universities – вузы – is pronounced ‘vuzi’, i.e. similar to views. Hope that clarifies matters!)

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